Real-world care is the transformation of patient data into patient experience.

Advancing care requires real insights and collaboration. At Syapse, we start by transforming disparate, multi-source real-world data into actionable insights that improve outcomes for patients with cancer.

Powered by Syapse Raydar — our solutions seamlessly blend data intelligence, insight analytics and applied experience through healthcare organizations looking to transform patients’ lives using real-world evidence.

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Transforming highly contextual, clinically complex oncology data into actionable insights is accomplished by Syapse Raydar, our complete data platform. Raydar was designed through the union of technology, deep clinical understanding, regulatory and security expertise, and rigorous quality control. It ingests disparate, multi-sourced data, normalizes and transforms it into critical insights.

Raydar’s proprietary capabilities illuminate the entire patient journey
  • Raydar Interoperability
    Enables the ability to ingest and aggregate structured and unstructured data from any source, in any format.
  • Raydar Knowledge Management Services
    Supports the transformation of complex and often inconsistent data into high-quality and accurate information.
  • Raydar AI
    Leverages the power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to enable the broad, consistent, and thorough transformation of data.
  • Raydar Algo
    Extends source data to support a broad array of complex concepts and research use-cases, illuminating the entire patient journey – and helping to save lives.

Data Intelligence

It is the foundation of every engagement. We bring together structured and unstructured real-world data, AI and deep knowledge to generate the kind of meaningful real-world evidence that saves lives.

Syapse Cohorts enhanced by Analytical Datasets (ADS)

Highly accurate, trustworthy data is essential to the development of life-saving cancer therapies. Syapse Cohorts deliver AI and NLP enriched, real-world datasets gleaned from our Learning Health Network of large community health systems and curated by our network of Oncology Data Specialists (ODSs).

It is time to shorten the journey from real-world data to research-ready dataset.
Gathering and preparing data is a critical yet time- and labor-intensive process for any research study. With Syapse Cohorts enhanced by Analytical Datasets (ADS), researchers don't have to worry about the long journey from available data to a research-ready dataset.

Syapse Cohorts enhanced by ADS are available in breast, lung, ovarian and bladder and available to use in Sandbox, a scalable, open-ended, flexible interface that allows data science experts to leverage easy-to-adapt algorithms, and high quality data, to tailor their analysis.

Insight Analytics

Through our IA, we identify and assess varied combinations of cohorts, questions and level of customizations to find the right solutions for key audiences, from health care systems, to physicians, to the patients themselves. At the heart of this platform, we offer three major ways to access the data that helps us deliver out of the box insights for end users, crafts comprehensive patient journeys and provide a unique window into community health systems testing patterns.

Get the answers you need, delivered to best suit your needs:
  • Sandbox: With this sandbox approach, you can customize your own code by bringing your own analytics to Syapse’s comprehensive real-world evidence dataset to gain insights and tailor your analysis.
  • Explorer: For rapid point-and-click insights that help users easily explore patient populations, understand molecular testing and compare clinical outcomes.
  • Collaborative Research: Syapse epidemiologists and our Data Insights team can also work collaboratively with your team to help you design and execute customized, observational research projects.

Applied Experience

This is the discipline where strategic collaborations between healthcare organizations––including life sciences companies, molecular labs, and regulators––in the Learning Health Network are facilitated by Syapse’s deep partnerships with health systems. Using a proprietary approach, we identify and address gaps in care and monitor outcomes that help elevate our insights from a root cause analysis to a successful, productive, intervention for better care.

Our care impact model rests on:
  • Identifying and Assessing: We collaboratively use real world evidence to understand root causes and prioritize treatment care.
  • Addressing: Then we use data to establish optimized programs that provide more effective treatment regimens for patients.
  • Monitoring: Here we measure the impact of these treatments on patients, monitor KPIs, and adjust to reduce gaps while dynamically supporting what works.
  • Expanding: Finally, we build the business case for expansion, engaging with expansion sites and collaborating with our partners to make it happen.