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Improving cancer care through nationwide data sharing

The Syapse Network is a nationwide precision oncology data sharing network, improving cancer care across communities by using real-world evidence to support treatment decisions.


Share comprehensive patient data

The Syapse Network enables providers to share and learn from real-world clinical, molecular, treatment, and outcomes data to inform treatment decisions.

Learn from real-world evidence

Oncologists can view which treatments produced the best outcomes in clinically and molecularly similar patients, directly in their clinical workflow.

Join a secure, trusted network

Patient data is standardized and normalized across the network, enabling health systems to securely share de-identified data with other leading institutions.

Imagine treating a patient with metastatic cancer and a rare molecular profile where no standard of care exists. Now, imagine you had a tool that could sift through a large pool of real-world evidence and show you which treatments produced the best outcomes in patients just like them. That’s what Syapse allows us to do.”
Thomas Brown, MD, MBA
Thomas Brown, MDMBA
Executive Director of the Swedish Cancer Institute


  • Intermountain Healthcare case study (PDF)
  • Syapse Data Sharing Network brochure (PDF)
  • Syapse Oncology overview brochure (PDF)
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  • Building a Personalized Medicine Program,” by Thomas D. Brown of the Swedish Cancer Institute
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