Syapse Learning Health Network

Improving cancer care through global data sharing

The Syapse Learning Health Network is a global precision oncology data sharing network, improving cancer care across communities by using real-world data to support clinical decisions.

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Share comprehensive patient data

The Syapse Learning Health Network enables providers to share and learn from real-world clinical, molecular, treatment, and outcomes data.

Learn from real-world outcomes

Researchers can view which treatments produced the best outcomes in clinically and molecularly similar patients.

Join a secure, trusted network

Patient data is standardized and normalized across the Learning Health Network, enabling health systems to securely share de-identified data with other leading institutions.


What's new

Syapse and FDA Extend Collaboration to Advance the Use of Real-World Data (RWD) and Inform Regulatory Science in Oncology

SAN FRANCISCO, December 5, 2023 –  Syapse®, a leading real-world evidence company dedicated to extinguishing the fear and burden of ser…



Problem solved: How we built a trusted data platform that produces accurate healthcare insights

Health data is some of the most personal information in a patient’s life. In the modern healthcare ecosystem, that data is widely dispersed across health system networks, labs, physician offices, online portals, and increasingly in the cloud. Patients need to trust in the security and privacy of their data—just as much as they need to trust those who care for them. It’s therefore paramount that healthcare data platforms include data privacy, compliance safeguards and more.