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Syapse Announces Research Using Real-World Evidence at ASCO20 Virtual

Presenting insights from timely, clinical and molecular real-world evidence and clinical trial data through our collaborations with the FDA, Friends of Cancer Research and the Syapse Learning Health NetworkTM

SAN FRANCISCO – May 29, 2020 – Syapse today announced multiple research abstracts based on real-world data at the ASCO20 Virtual Annual Meeting. Syapse pairs holistic clinical information, gathered from direct integrations with our health system partners, with structured molecular data from reference labs to provide detailed insights in clinical context. These abstracts highlight Syapse’s role in convening multiple contributors across the Syapse Learning Health NetworkTM to rapidly research meaningful clinical questions using real-world data in pursuit of improving patient outcomes. 

“Timely research using real-world evidence from clinical practice provides important insights to address the dynamic healthcare challenges facing us today”, said Dr. Thomas Brown, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Syapse, “The need for rapid insight from real-world data at scale is only growing under the immense pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

“We are very proud of the research from our collaboration partners in the Syapse Learning Health Network as we collectively build this growing body of literature via the publication of five abstracts at the ASCO20 Virtual,” said Ken Tarkoff, CEO, Syapse, “We are happy to participate and support the ASCO20 Virtual session as we all adjust to these changing times.”

Research Highlights

  • Syapse collaborated with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to investigate the alignment of published clinical trial data with real-world data, reporting on survivorship of patients with gradations of PD-L1 expression treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors.
  • Syapse participated in a national effort facilitated by the Friends of Cancer Research to explore the ability to aggregate findings across different real-world data sources.
  • Syapse, through the Syapse Learning Health Network,TM investigated potential molecular indicators of hyper-progression in patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Research Abstracts Available at ASCO20 Virtual

Abstract 1: Overall survival in high and very high PD-L1 expressing patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors in a real-world data setting.


Abstract 2: Outcomes in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (aNSCLC) and high PD-L1 expression treated with immune checkpoint inhibitor monotherapy: An FDA-pooled analysis.


Abstract 3: Molecular alterations with hyper-progression in lung cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors in a large health system.


Abstract 4: Overall survival (OS) in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (aNSCLC) patients treated with frontline chemotherapy or immunotherapy by comorbidity: A real-world data (RWD) collaboration.


Abstract 5: Trends in immunotherapy use in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (aNSCLC) patients: Analysis of real-world data.

Syapse & ASCO20 Virtual 

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About Syapse

Syapse works with leading health systems, life sciences companies, and regulators to accelerate real-world evidence to improve the outcomes of cancer patients. By bringing these organizations together into the Syapse Learning Health Network, Syapse has built one of the world’s largest networks dedicated to improving outcomes in cancer care through improved precision medicine. Syapse and its partners are working towards a future in which all cancer patients have access to the quality of care they need.


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