Leadership is about looking ahead to find the best way forward.

As a company founded by scientists not willing to accept the status quo, we embrace a world where data helps inform better decisions and saves lives. Our leadership team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, but are unified in a vision that rests on progress and innovations in how hospitals and health care systems optimize cancer treatments.

Leadership Heroine

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Executive Leadership

Ken Tarkoff

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Walter

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Brown, MD

Chief Medical Officer

David Pomerantz

Chief Commercial Officer

Vinod Subramanian

Chief Data and Product Development Officer

Michelle Kemling

Chief People Officer

Senior Leadership

Alissa Winzeler-Cotton, PhD

SVP, Strategy, Research & Medicine

Anna Berry, MD

SVP, Biomarker Data & Laboratory Medicine

Antoinette Cummins

Head of Marketing

Art Baker

VP, Finance

Arun Pai

CISO & SVP, Operations

Christy Albertson

SVP, Business Development

Dennis Cieri

VP, Engineering

Grant Neckermann

SVP, Talent

Jen Ireland

Vice President, People

Jennifer Jurivich

SVP, Health Systems

Mary Tran

General Manager, Data Insights

Melissa Pease

Senior Director, People

Tim Wolfe

Head of Product