Why We Formed the Syapse Precision Medicine Council


By Dennis Shin


When I started at Syapse earlier this year, I was impressed by the strategy to accelerate partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem and deliver on our company’s mission to bring the best care to every cancer patient through precision medicine. I’ve had the chance to witness firsthand the collaboration between our customers as they share data in the Learning Health Network to improve patient outcomes.

I joined other members of the Syapse team on a recent trip to Chicago to attend the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting (ASCO), a great forum to meet Syapse customers and understand the broader changes happening in oncology. In addition to the seamless exchange of data through a common technology platform, our team has heard from the oncologists and health systems we work with that they need a way to share not just data, but also best practices for how to develop and scale their precision medicine programs.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the new Syapse Precision Medicine Council, a group of oncology, operations, and research leaders from health systems dedicated to advancing precision oncology. Our inaugural group of leading health systems includes Henry Ford Health System, Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health of the Precision Medicine Alliance, Providence St. Joseph Health, Aurora Health Care, and the University of Miami Health System.

I feel we’re at a turning point in the adoption of precision medicine and that there is no better time than now to launch the Council. Each year, members will convene to share strategies and insights for growing precision medicine programs and helping more patients get the precision treatments that they need.

It is critical for health systems to increase collaboration and share knowledge that advances research and informs clinical practice, and Syapse is pleased to host this exchange at the inaugural meeting of the Syapse Precision Medicine Council, October 18-20 in San Francisco.

The genesis of the Council came from our customers’ desire to build on current data sharing through the Syapse network and engage more closely with other oncology leaders on best practices.

They asked us to facilitate the exchange of early lessons within our network and broker insights that benefit the entire group. Through the power of this collective exchange, we believe Syapse customers will help define best practices that enable health systems to deliver precision medicine at scale.

Syapse is positioned to enable this deeper collaboration. We are fortunate to have a progressive group of health systems that are early adopters in this field, and we felt it was time to convene this group and help define best practices.

Given the pioneering nature of the work our customers are doing, there is no better time to come together and share findings from their initial efforts.

Syapse looks forward to facilitating this unique opportunity for like-minded health systems to learn from each other. This fall’s inaugural meeting is just the beginning, and I’m confident we’ll be doing this for many years to come.

By learning from each other, we are dramatically increasing the power, scale, and speed of precision medicine, and ultimately expanding the number of people who will benefit from it.