Uniting the Precision Medicine Ecosystem to Improve Care for Cancer Patients


By Ken Tarkoff


For almost nine months, I have been proud to lead Syapse in our mission to deliver the best care for every cancer patient through precision medicine. On this journey, I often grapple with one question: how do we get to the “every”? How do we deliver precision medicine on a nationwide, or even global scale — so that all patients have access to it, regardless of location or income?

I fundamentally believe the answer to this question lies in collaboration between the key players in the precision medicine ecosystem. Technology is a key factor, but it is not sufficient to solve the obstacles to broad-scale access. To expand precision medicine to everyone, we need to bring together all the key forces in the ecosystem into a coordinated approach, centered around the care provider and the patient.

Today, Syapse is taking a major step toward that goal. We raised $30 million in funding from a world-class group of healthcare, oncology, technology, and life sciences leaders. These partners will provide valuable input on our company’s strategic direction and growth, and their participation validates the momentum toward making this coordinated ecosystem a reality.

Our commitment to collaboration extends throughout all our work. We are bringing together all parts of the precision medicine ecosystem: the providers who deliver the care, the molecular diagnostics labs that provide molecular data, the payers that cover the cost of care, the life sciences companies that develop and manufacture targeted treatments, and the technology companies that enable the clinical development of these new treatments.

This approach will enable our provider customers to better deliver precision medicine to patients on an unprecedented scale, more quickly and effectively, and at a lower cost than each player can do on their own.

To be clear, we believe this ecosystem should be, and in our case is, driven by providers — the people delivering care. We are already partnering with many of our country’s biggest health systems, who support more than 1,000 oncologists treating one million cancer patients. We give them the data they need, when they need it, to make the most informed treatment decisions for their patients, and we remove obstacles to scaling the delivery of this level of care.

Stronger collaboration with molecular diagnostic labs, payers, and life sciences companies is pivotal to moving precision medicine forward. With our lab partnerships, we can bring better interoperability for providers and, in turn, strengthen data sharing. With life sciences companies, we can make precision medicine workflows more efficient, speed the discovery of new therapies, and enable more patients to have access to advanced therapies they need — all with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Similarly, in collaboration with payers, we can supply the real-world evidence they need to better understand how to pay for precision medicine.

Health systems are rapidly turning to precision medicine to offer their patients the best cancer care available. A recent survey of leading health systems shows that 72 percent of oncology leaders are currently implementing or have already implemented a precision medicine program. Now, by unifying the precision medicine ecosystem, we are exponentially amplifying the power, scale, and speed of precision medicine.

Over the past year, Syapse has grown rapidly. We have brought on new customers, partners, and team members and we plan on expanding even more in the months to come. I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished and honored to have a team of investors who believe in our approach. Together, we are writing a new chapter in how cancer is treated.