Seoul National University Hospital and Syapse Expand Collaboration to Increase Access to Precision Medicine in South Korea


By Ken Tarkoff


This week, I had the privilege of joining our partners at Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) to recognize our collaboration in service of expanding access to precision medicine-based cancer care in South Korea. The partnership was recognized in a ceremony hosted by the SNUH executive team, including President/Chief Executive Officer Dr. Changsuk Suh, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Yon Su Kim, and Chief Information Officer Dr. Kyunghwan Kim.

As the region’s leading cancer hospital, SNUH has built a global reputation for innovative approaches to cancer care. SNUH serves more than 8,000 cancer patients per year across 16 Cancer Specialty Centers, 10 Multidisciplinary Cancer Treatment Centers, and a Cancer Clinical Trials Center.

Together we will continue our work to build a precision medicine data sharing network in South Korea, support research programs focused on improving the clinical utility of precision medicine solutions regionally, and identify collaborations with life science companies that support the development of new diagnostic tools and treatments.

View this video to learn more about the six core pillars of precision medicine at SNUH.

As a pioneer in cancer care and technology, SNUH is an important global leader in precision medicine and we are honored to expand our collaboration focused on delivering better outcomes for patients in South Korea. Together, we aim to put high-quality real-world evidence in the hands of oncologists by integrating the clinical, molecular, and outcomes data they need to deliver the most informed personalized care to every cancer patient at SNUH.