Applied Experience. How Real-World Evidence Drives Real-World Impact.

2022/08 6 minutes read

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Disparities and variations in care exist in every health system, everywhere. These variations in care make it incredibly difficult for healthcare providers to enable precision medicine. 

How can we help reduce this gap in order to further the goal of improving patient outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem?

At Syapse, we believe the answer requires a patient-centered approach with a data-driven foundation. We’re using our deep experience partnering with large, regionally-based community health systems and Life Sciences companies to generate Real-World Evidence-based solutions to address variations in care and health disparities throughout the patient care journey. 

And it’s 100% consistent with our mission of helping to extinguish the fear and burden of serious disease by advancing Real-World Care.

Applied Experience, Applied to the Real World of Care. 

It’s well understood that more and more oncology therapies are being developed based on specific biomarker information. This is because the use of biomarkers in drug development has shown higher response rates, longer progression-free survival rates and even higher overall survival rates. Yet, the ordering of biomarker testing by physicians remains suboptimal. Meaning, patients with cancer may not be receiving treatments or therapies that are designed with their specific genomic biomarker information in mind. 

So where do we go from here? 

Through Syapse’s Applied Experience offering, we collaborate with Life Sciences companies and directly with the Syapse Learning Health Network — a nationwide network of health systems where 51% of cancer care occurs in the U.S. — to identify site specific data and conduct a root cause analysis to collaboratively create, execute and monitor a plan that supports the care team and their patients. 

A critical component of accomplishing this work is the deep and trusted relationships we’ve developed with our health system partners over the years. We have built a network where we are able to facilitate conversations around various initiatives between healthcare providers and the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Because of the trust we’ve created, we enable health systems to actually enact change. Applied Experience is data-driven — specific to each health system — and evidence-based, but also goes beyond just offering insights. We provide measurable and actionable solutions to identified issues, and these solutions are based on the unique needs of each health system. This data-driven and tailored approach allows for quicker buy-in and becomes a genuine catalyst for change. 

Real-World Evidence. Real-World Impact. 

We’re using Applied Experience as the impetus for meaningful conversations between health systems and Life Sciences companies, as we work together to explore innovative ways to address gaps in care and get more patients tested, more patients on the right treatments, and more patients screened earlier.

We have been able to see health systems update their procedures, create targeted education materials for providers and patients, and create flags in their systems to ensure that patients who are eligible for testing or treatment are receiving the care they need at the right moment in their care journeys.

Healthcare data is extremely diverse, incredibly complex and is being generated at greater rates than ever before. 

Through our experience working with community health systems across the country, we’ve learned how to unlock the data to reveal insights, develop solutions and help our partners make lasting changes that improve patient outcomes.

To learn about the real-world impact of Applied Experience in healthcare, watch the video.