Gathering. Validating. Healing. Advancing cancer care with interoperability.

There is a human behind every data point. And every patient journey tells a story.

2022/05 6 minutes read

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Authors: Jennifer Jurivich and Vinod Subramanian

There is a human behind every data point. And every patient journey tells a story — of hope, perseverance, and the dedication of a team of caregivers in their pursuit of transformational outcomes. 

A strong mission and passion to focus on patients and their cancer care journey is critical for improving outcomes, with success hinging on timely input of accurate and reliable data, often from multiple sources. Data not only gives insight into treatment patterns and care practices, it also empowers healthcare professionals to make life-saving decisions, faster.

Data is a big part of our mission at Syapse. And it’s the reason we are constantly searching for more innovative ways to transform real-world data into evidence our partners can use to impact patient lives for the better. 

The data-driven healthcare transformation.

COVID-19 accelerated long-needed changes in healthcare — advancing the use of new technologies, driving partnerships across industries, and elevating the role of data in the future of care innovation and delivery. 

Interoperability is the enabler, empowering us to access and make sense of vast sources of data in order to learn from collective experience, incorporate learning into action, and continue innovating to improve patient outcomes now, and in the future.

Using data to learn, act and improve healthcare outcomes. 

Collaborate and Learn 

By working with Infor Cloverleaf, we leverage industry-leading interoperability standards to accelerate the transformation of multi-nodal real-world data into evidence which can be used by providers, drug developers and regulators to advance cancer care. 

The data that powers the Syapse Learning Health Network is wide-ranging, fully transparent, secure and privacy protected, and of the highest quality, derived from multiple and disparate sources. Data sources include: large, national and regionally-based community health systems, molecular labs, and cancer registries. It includes data that is sourced from both structured data, using interoperability and  semi-structured and unstructured data through natural language processing, machine learning, and more. A great deal of real-world data exists as unstructured physician notes or pathology reports — all of which is highly valuable. 

With Infor Cloverleaf, we have the ability to aggregate and validate this immense quantity of information, giving those in our Learning Health Network unprecedented insights they can use to improve their understanding of every facet of cancer care, and turn that learning into action. 

Vinod Subramanian:
While real-world data is integral to healthcare today, so too is collaboration and partnership to find ways to bridge these data sets across multiple sources to reveal meaningful insights that impact patient care, faster.

Enhance Quality 

From collaboration and learning comes innovation and action — and the ability to apply data intelligence to deliver high quality, evidence-based medicine across the oncology continuum and generate novel evidence to inform care decisions in the future. 

For patients and those who care for them — clinicians, hospital staff, but also families and loved ones — real-world, actionable data has a profound impact on treatment decisions, and ultimately life itself. 

By providing community health systems with access to the highest quality data at scale, in a fully integrated longitudinal patient journey view, we empower them to act with confidence, and deliver the care patients need, close to where they live. 

Improve Outcomes 

Healthcare outcomes mean different things to different stakeholders, but it all comes back to data, the learning we derive from that data, and the actions we take as a result of that learning. 

For a patient diagnosed with breast cancer, a positive outcome is remission, and the resumption of a full, healthy life.

Jennifer Jurivich: Our ability to rapidly transform multiple sources of data into intelligence, or evidence, gives the entire care team the ability to address care gaps, develop new therapies, make better treatment decisions and, together, realize our mission to extinguish the fear and burden of cancer for all patients.

For a clinical trial coordinator, it’s the ability to make smarter and faster decisions, and ensure the right candidates receive the right treatments at the right time in their care journeys.

A researcher at a life science company would define a better outcome as the capacity to quickly measure the efficacy of a new and promising drug, and deliver that drug to people in need faster than ever before. 

While definitions of care outcomes are numerous and varied, being able to gather, validate and trust data, from multiple sources and disparate systems, is essential to making better outcomes possible. And interoperability is at the core of how we do it. 

Syapse relies on compiling Real-World Evidence that illuminates the entire patient journey. We selected Infor Cloverleaf to turbocharge our ability to collect, analyze, and leverage massive amounts of information, from multiple and diverse sources, all while ensuring patient privacy and security. 

Through our partnership with Infor Cloverleaf, we’re helping partners use data to collaborate, learn from each other, and turn that learning into action to improve outcomes for all.

To learn about our collaboration with Infor Cloverleaf, read the case study