A Blueprint for Precision Medicine at Swedish Cancer Institute


By Syapse


As community health systems adopt precision medicine, providing a roadmap for implementation of a precision medicine program is a key part of our mission at Syapse. Dr. Thomas Brown of Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) published their roadmap in an article in the ACCC’s publication Oncology Issues, “Building a Personalized Medicine Program.” In this article, Dr. Brown paints a vivid picture of SCI’s decision strategy and chosen path in implementing one of the nation’s most comprehensive precision medicine programs. The result is a story of making hard decisions and formulating best practices that other institutions considering a formal precision medicine program might use as a guide.  

Moreover, Dr. Brown’s article does an excellent job of putting into practical context many of the core beliefs that have shaped the evolution of Syapse’s product offerings:

  • Integrating diverse data from across the institution, including “molecular phenotypic data in the context of the patient’s medical history, laboratory, anatomic pathology, and radiology data,” is critical for making the best decisions for a patient.

  • Matching patients to clinical trials should be a routine part of cancer care; with SCI’s goal of enrolling 9,000 patients in the program by the end of 2017, manual processes must be replaced by structured data capture and automated clinical trial matching to improve efficiency and avoid errors.

  • Precision medicine is well-suited to improving patient outcomes as well as a healthcare system’s operational quality and efficiency. Aggregating treatment decisions, outcomes data, and costs in Syapse will help SCI evaluate “which therapies work best for particular tumors and particular patients,” as well as “avoid therapies that are costly but ineffective.”

For anyone looking for a first-hand account of bringing precision medicine into a routine clinical setting, the article is a must-read.