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Inside Scoop: The Syapse Clinical Abstraction Team

Tiffany Druley

Tiffany Druley

October 19, 2022

Within Syapse’s Clinical Abstraction department, the onboarding, training, and quality programs are designed to support employees as they transition into their new role. With an ongoing focus on high quality data and a newly-developed continuing education program, our CTRs are positioned for success in a supportive, friendly environment.

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02/07/2023 - Data

Problem solved: How we built a trusted data platform that produces accurate healthcare insights

By Vinod Subramanian 4 minutes read

Health data is some of the most personal information in a patient’s life. In the modern healthcare ecosystem, that data is widely dispersed across health system networks, labs, physician offices, online portals, and increasingly in the cloud. Patients need to trust in the security and privacy of their data—just as much as they need to trust those who care for them. It’s therefore paramount that healthcare data platforms include data privacy, compliance safeguards and more.


01/27/2023 - Featured Employee

Meet Melissa Pease

5 mins read

What brought you to Syapse? The interview process was so fast. It only took two or three days which was awesome. I remember having an initial phone call and being excited about the role in part because I would be the first in-house People person. I was excited about the opportunity to work for a small company where I could have a big impact and bu…



Problem solved: How we built a trusted data platform that produces accurate healthcare insights

By Vinod Subramanian 6 minutes read

Diving into why interoperability, data normalization and knowledge management - along with AI - are critical capabilities that must be built into a healthcare data platform. And how these capabilities transform disparate real-world data into data that can be used to power the work of life sciences, clinicians and researchers.


12/01/2022 - Featured Employee

Meet Ben Holmes

6 mins read

Tell us about your road to Syapse? I knew I wanted to do something in the sciences and I wanted it to be something that would broadly benefit people. I have degrees in microbiology and computer science and was thinking I was going to be a lab technician working on vaccines or something in that industry. I quickly found out that I hate lab work so…



Problem Solved: How we built a healthcare data platform that produces accurate healthcare insights

By Vinod Subramanian 6 minutes read

In this three-part blog series, I’ll discuss the critical questions we needed to understand and solve as we built Syapse Raydar — our healthcare data platform designed to produce accurate healthcare insights that power the ability for life sciences, health systems, and researchers to improve patient outcomes.


10/10/2022 - Featured Employee

Meet Rayna Matsuno

6 min read

What brought you to Syapse? Before coming to Syapse, I worked for the Department of Defense (DoD) and researched the health of military service members. I grew up on a military base, my dad had worked for the DoD, and my husband is a veteran – it was all meaningful and had a purpose. There was a lot of interesting research that I was doing, but it…


09/26/2022 - Data

The Syapse Innovation Incubator 2022

By Dennis Cieri 5 minutes read

Innovation has always been hard-wired into our DNA at Syapse. The company was founded on it, our employees embrace it and our customers — and patients — benefit from it. The Innovation Incubator is a natural extension of that ethos, rooted in a core belief that anyone can think differently about a technical or business challenge, from senior executives to junior employees. It’s how we democratize the development of ideas quickly, empowering everyone to bring their unique skills and expertise to bear in asking the right questions, developing solutions and bringing them to life as tangible and meaningful solutions with real-world impact.


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