The Syapse Network is dedicated to improving cancer care across communities by bringing real-world evidence to the point of care to support physicians’ decision-making process.

Precision medicine represents an exciting opportunity to rapidly advance the state of cancer care. By using molecular profiling and targeted therapies / immunotherapy, oncologists can achieve meaningful survival and quality of life gains for their patients. However, knowing which treatment to use, and also which treatments not to use, in response to complex molecular results is very difficult. Oncologists currently rely on personal experiences and clinical guidelines. However, new knowledge for the clinical utility of precision medicine is being generated at a rapid rate, making it difficult for physicians to keep up.

With the Syapse Network, oncologists will have the power of a learning health system—one that brings together insights from a network of leading health systems, and integrates that knowledge right into their decision-making process at the point of care. Oncologists and expert bodies such as molecular tumor boards will be able to use insights from the largest precision oncology data sharing network to support treatment selection, with access to clinical, molecular, treatment and outcomes data at a scale never seen before.

How do I access insights from the Syapse Network?

The Syapse Network is a national precision oncology data and knowledge sharing network for Syapse health system partners, enabling providers to share and learn from real-world clinical, molecular, treatment, and outcomes data.

Access to the Syapse Network is embedded in the Syapse point-of-care software solution, which is used by health systems and cancer centers across the country to streamline their precision oncology programs. When making a treatment decision for their patient, an oncologist using Syapse software can view which treatments provided the best outcomes for clinically and molecularly similar patients, directly in their clinical workflow.

Physicians are proactively prompted to view patient cases with a similar clinical, molecular, and demographic profile, showing which treatments these patients received, along with their time on treatment and overall survival. Molecular tumor boards will also have access to shared insights when making treatment recommendations.

How does Syapse enable data sharing?

Data sharing capabilities are built directly into the Syapse Platform. As part of our standard implementation process, Syapse software aggregates and integrates clinical data from multiple source systems to form a full longitudinal record for each patient. Through our Lab Certification Program, Syapse receives molecular data in a structured format from molecular diagnostics labs, integrating it with the clinical data to provide oncologists with a comprehensive profile of the patient. Patient data is then standardized and normalized across the network, enabling health systems to seamlessly and securely share de-identified data with other institutions, including patient demographics, cancer diagnosis, tumor genomics, tumor markers, treatments, outcomes, and more.

What are data sharing consortia?

In order to foster cross-institutional research, Syapse works with health system partners to enable research-oriented consortia. Syapse is proud to collaborate with Intermountain Healthcare, Providence St. Joseph Health, and Stanford Cancer Institute to form the Oncology Precision Network (OPeN). OPeN aims to find research breakthroughs in precision cancer care by leveraging real-world cancer genomics data.

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