Syapse Oncology℠ is a comprehensive software suite that enables health systems to scale and systematize precision oncology programs. With Syapse, clinicians can provide precise, individualized cancer care to the community, improving outcomes and lowering costs.

Data Aggregation

Clinical Data Integration

Syapse aggregates key patient clinical data from across the health IT ecosystem, streamlining the oncologist’s workflow and enabling a unified, longitudinal view of patient data. The Syapse platform acts as a central data store for patients’ clinical history, pathology, radiology, treatments, lab results, and outcomes, allowing clinical decisions to be based on a comprehensive record of the patient’s cancer care journey.

Lab Certification Program

The Syapse Lab Certification Program is a set of data specifications, web services, and processes enabling health systems to electronically interface with third-party or internal molecular diagnostics labs. The program ensures health systems receive molecular test results in a structured format.

Integrated Patient Record

With Syapse, oncologists can access patient clinical, pathology, radiology, treatment, and molecular data in a unified, longitudinal view, eliminating the need to search across siloed systems. Clinicians can easily access the full scope of patient data to answer key clinical questions. It enables better coordination for care teams managing large volumes of complex cancer cases, and enables decision support by surfacing relevant data and guidance for making the right treatment decisions.

Decision Support

Structured Molecular Results

Syapse enables health systems to capture high-quality, structured molecular data to power clinical decision support tools, quality improvement, and other key components of precision medicine. The Syapse platform captures structured test results, including drug and trial recommendations, and presents them to clinicians at the point of care in the context of clinical data.

Molecular Tumor Board Workflow

Syapse provides a streamlined workflow for MTB members to manage requests for case review, review cases, create drug and/or trial recommendations, and disseminate recommendations to the treating oncologist. Patient data in Syapse is comprehensive, organized, and integrated, increasing the applicability of recommendations, review capacity, and overall MTB productivity.

Quality Improvement

Similar Patients

With Syapse, oncologists can view treatment data for patients across the entire health system, based on tumor type, stage, genomic variants, demographics, and other clinical parameters. This population-wide view enables oncologists to recommend a targeted drug based on institutional prescribing patterns, reducing variation in care.

Clinical Analytics Reports

Syapse provides a series of reports that allow health system staff to extract insights into their institution’s oncology care, operations, and data quality. Health system staff can apply insights towards quality improvement or business goals. Clinical Analytics Reports can help leadership better understand the variables affecting outcomes and care processes in the oncology service line.

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