With Syapse, healthcare systems can implement an enterprise-wide precision medicine program that spans multiple clinical service lines and bridges geographically distributed sites. Syapse Precision Medicine Platform integrates clinical data from siloed data sources, captures structured genomic and other molecular data, enables institutional experts to systematize best-practice guidelines through clinical decision support tools, and tracks outcomes for quality improvement.

Centralized, Integrated Data

Capture and aggregate patient data from EHRs, data warehouses, registries, and other systems in a purpose-built semantic data store with dedicated, best-practice clinical data specifications. Unite clinical, molecular, pathology, radiology, treatment, and other data at a single point of access for clinical decision support tools and applications.

Scalability and Flexibility

Future-proof your health IT ecosystem with a single, scalable infrastructure capable of growing with your organizational needs, incorporating new structured data and concepts across clinical service lines, connecting to additional data sources and systems, and storing data from the latest molecular assays.

Comprehensive Data Mining

Leverage enterprise reporting capabilities to summarize system-wide trends for health economics and outcomes research, or to track physician adherence to clinical decision support guidance, using powerful, expressive queries across clinical, molecular, treatment, and outcomes data housed in a single data store.

Large-Scale Omics Data

Harness the power of whole-genome, whole-exome, and whole-transcriptome sequencing to address a broad spectrum of care strategies with Syapse’s Enterprise Omics Store℠. Store and manage omics data sets that scale from typical gene panels to whole-genome assays.

Make precision medicine a part of routine clinical care.

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