Quality Improvement & Learning Health System

System-wide data sharing and aggregation to inform patient care.

Data can offer clinicians valuable insights that improve patient care, but only if shared. By capturing clinical, molecular, treatment, and outcomes data in Syapse, healthcare systems empower clinicians to compare their patients against the organization's aggregated patient data at the point of care.

Comprehensive data mining to support health economics & outcomes research.

Widespread adoption of precision medicine requires demonstration of clinical utility and cost-effectiveness. Syapse enables healthcare systems to systematically capture and mine clinical, molecular, treatment, and outcomes data to demonstrate clinical utility and develop evidence for reimbursement justification.

Tools to capture—and implement—evolving institutional knowledge.

Precision medicine is a rapidly evolving field, and clinician workloads make it hard to stay up-to-date. With Syapse software, healthcare systems empower internal experts to author and update best practices in an evolving knowledge base that is automatically incorporated into clinical decision support tools and disseminated to clinicians.

Tracking of physician decisions and adherence to best practices.

Improving patient outcomes and achieving cost-effectiveness through precision medicine requires a systematic approach at all levels of the institution. With Syapse, healthcare systems can monitor physician adherence to institutional policies and guidelines to ensure that best practices are followed.

Syapse Precision Medicine Platform

Make precision medicine a part of routine clinical care.

Find out how Syapse can help your organization transform the practice of medicine.

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